Technical data
94 min, HD
Photographs from the film
Photographs from shooting

Illegal migrants and asylum-seekers are housed in refugee centers in Serbia following dramatic flights from the war and destitution gripping areas in North Africa and the Middle East. These people must pass through a complex period of adaptation to life in Serbia, though in most cases their aim is to arrive in countries within the European Union. This incisive docu-drama highlights the socio-political context in which they show their individual worth, in the process becoming protagonists with whom viewers can identify, whose struggles through adversity and whose fates they can understand.



Writen and directed: Želimir Žilnik
Camera: Miodrag Milošević and Orfeas Skutelis
Edited by: Vuk Vukmirović
Sound design: Filip Vlatković
Music: Meho Puzić, Gabriella Benak and Milan Nenin
Graphic design and animation: Nikola Berbakov, Aleksandar Ilić
Producer: Sarita Matijević

Participants: Stanley Akumbe | Mohamed Lee | Ibrahim Karabo | Duru Jelad | Brian Schwarz | Guy Maestracci | Stojan Sjekloća | Alharake Mohammed | Bojan Milivojević | Yusuf Mona | Ali Ahmed | Husein Ahmed | Munir Hadžić | Leon Šurbanović | Radmila Đurica | Anika Lehki | Andrej Lehki | Srđan Ajvaz | Novica Tasić | Slavica Janjić | Katarina Rakić | Anđa Đorđević

Production: Playground produkcija, Novi Sad