Black and White

Yugoslavia, 1990, 90 min, Beta video

directed by: Želimir Žilnik
written by: Želimir Žilnik, Laszlo Vegel
camera: Miodrag Milošević
edited by: Dara Arsenov
sound: Vladimir Stanojević

cast: Reuben Oyeyle, Saša Delić, Vladimir Janković – Džet, Dušica Žegarac, Feodor Tapavički, Milena Đorđević

production: TV Novi Sad

Reuben, an African student at Novi Sad University returns from his visit to his parents. He is met with a completely altered political climate in Yugoslavia. In the atmosphere of a “national awakening” the dark-skinned students from non-aligned countries are not welcome any longer. Reuben meets Sasha, a young man who has no racial prejudices, who has just returned from Europe having worked there for a while. He stays with him trying to get in touch with his girlfriend Milena. Sasha’s father, a retired policeman has a rock band and Reuben becomes its member. He uses his influence as a former policeman to speak to his colleague (who is now a restaurant-owner) to allow Reuben and his daughter Milena to stay in a relationship. This leads to a misunderstanding and a countdown with revolvers. Reuben and Milena manage to escape and they leave the country which slides downhill towards nationalistic hysteria.