Dragoljub and Bogdan: Electricity

Technical data
85 min, 16 mm, color

A vast power plant is being built on the Drina River, which is famous for its hundreds-years-old tradition of rafting timber downstream to Belgrade. Working on the construction of the power plant’s dam connects the two protagonists of this story: Bogdan, one of the last rafting masters on the Drina, and Dragoljub, one of the oldest explosive experts, who has built dams all over the world, including in Africa, and who wants to get a flat from the company before he retires. Problems occur when Bogdan writes a poem about the decline of working conditions and is prosecuted for criticizing the system.

This is one of the first films in which Žilnik includes as another set of protagonists a young couple from Africa who have come to Yugoslavia to study and work as part of the Non-Aligned Movement supported by the state.


Written and directed by: Želimir Žilnik
Camera: Ljubomir Bečejski
Sound: Ratko Kušić
Edited by: Milica Poličević

Cast: Bogdan Baštovanović, Dragoljub Nikolić

Production: TV Beograd

Photographs from the film