The First Trimester of Pavle Hromiš

The First Trimester of Pavle Hromiš, Z Zilnik
Yugoslavia, 1983, 85 min, 16mm, color

directed by: Želimir Žilnik
written by: Želimir Žilnik, Miroslav Mandić
camera: Ljubomir Bečejski
sound: Karoly Stanyo
edited by: Slobodan Jandrić

cast: Vladimir Sinko, Petar Bosančić, Dragan Sokoljanski, Sanja Zlatković

production: TV Novi Sad

This television film is about a fifteen-year-old Pavle Hromiš who, obeying the will of his parents, leaves Germany and goes to live in Yugoslavia with his grandmother. He stays in the village of Kucura, attending secondary school. He meets new friends and has problems with the language and the different curriculum. The only place he feels fine is in the aeronautic club where he practices hang gliding – from the height of a couple of hundreds of meters, the landscape where he lives now remind him of the ones he has left. Most of the material is documentary, and it was a basis for a docu-drama to be filmed the following year – "The Second Generation".