Fortress Europe

Fortress Europe, Z. Zilnik
Slovenia, 2000, 80 min, Beta video

directed by: Želimir Žilnik
written by: Toni Tršar
script adaptation: Želimir Žilnik
camera: Radovan Čok
edited by: Matjaž Janković, Vojko Polič
producer: Toni Tršar

cast: Svetlana Zajceva, Emil Tchouk, Hannah Nortman

production: Low Budget Production, Ljubljana
co producer: RTV Slovenia, Ljubljana

This docu-drama was shot in bordering regions between Hungary and Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary in the south-eastern bordering region within the Schengen zone. The central plot spins around a Russian family: Svetlana lives in Trieste with her friends and is waiting for her daughter Katja’s arrival. Katja is escorted by Svetlana’s former husband (Katja’s father) Artjom. During the travel the two have problems, they find themselves in a foreign country without documents that would make the rest of their journey to the West legal.