Inventory (Inventur - Metzstrasse 11)

Technical data
9 min, 16 mm, color

Tenants of an old building in the center of Munich are featured in this film. Most of them are foreigners from Yugoslavia, Italy, Turkey, Greece, and elsewhere who work in Germany as Gastarbeiter, or “guest workers.” In their mother tongues, each tells who they are and briefly talks about their major worries, new hopes, and plans for the future. This film was shot in a just a few hours shortly after Žilnik moved to Germany. The process of communication with the protagonists and persuading them to take part in the movie offers a precious view into many issues that Žilnik will later face himself, also being a “guest worker.”

Žilnik continued working with the Gastarbeiter community in other films he made during this period. One of the most prominent and best reviewed of these films was the now lost Antrag (1974), in which he dealt with the dispute around the 1974 invasion of Cyprus among Turkish and Greek workers on a construction site. Four of Žilnik’s documentaries from the German period are lost, partly because he had to leave the country abruptly and partly because one of his producers, F. T. Aeckerle, moved to Africa.



Written and directed by: Želimir Žilnik
Camera: Andrej Popović

Production manager: Frank Thomas Aeckerle
Production: Alligator Film, Münich

Photographs from the film