Kenedi is Getting Married

Technical data
80 min, dv, transfer to 35 mm

Kenedi is in huge debt after building a house for his family. He finds himself searching for any kind of work to support himself, for as little as €10 per day—an amount that will scarcely help to relieve his debt. Ultimately, Kenedi decides to look for money in the sex industry. Initially offering his services to an older lady, he expands his “business” to offer sex to wealthy men. When he learns of new liberal European laws on gay civil partnership, Kenedi sees prospects in looking for “marriage material” as a way to renew his pursuit of getting legal status in the EU. The opportunity arises during EXIT Music Festival in Novi Sad, where he meets Max, a guy from Munich. But will their promising relationship bring the solution to Kenedi’s problems?

The film was produced by Terra Film in Novi Sad and Jet Company, a local TV station in Kikinda. The making of Kenedi Is Getting Married at the same time acted as a fundraiser for the Hasani family, who needed funds to put up the roof on their house, which was built after their return from Germany from the brick collected from demolished houses.

At the Cinema City Festival in Novi Sad in 2007, the international jury president Fridrik Por Fridriksson proclaimed Kenedi Hassani the best Serbian actor of 2007 and awarded him €5,000. The professional actors in the audience started shouting: “He is an amateur!” and Fredriksson answered: “Yes, I know. But the most talented one.” Kenedi took microphone and made a plea: “Dear colleagues, do not be angry! Throw away more garbage and paper on the streets, so I can collect it, and won’t have to look for a job among film crews.”

The Kenedi Trilogy has been extensively shown on TV, as well as at more than thirty international festivals and exhibitions, including the Roma Pavilion at the 54th Venice Biennale in 2011.


Written and directed by: Želimir Žilnik
Camera: Miodrag Milošević
Edited by: Vuk Vukmirović, Branislav Klašnja

Cast: Kenedi Hasani, Salji Hasani, Beni Haliti, Max Steiner, Philipp Eisenmann, Slađana Pavlica, Maksut Huma, Ethem Saygieder

Production: Terra Film, Novi Sad
Co producer: Jet Company - VK TV, Kikinda

Photographs from the film