Black and White

Technical data
90 min, Beta video
Photographs from the film

Reuben, an African student at Novi Sad University returns from his visit to his parents. He is met with a completely altered political climate in Yugoslavia. In the atmosphere of a “national awakening” the dark-skinned students from non-aligned countries are not welcome any longer. Reuben meets Sasha, a young man who has no racial prejudices, who has just returned from Europe having worked there for a while. He stays with him trying to get in touch with his girlfriend Milena. Sasha’s father, a retired policeman has a rock band and Reuben becomes its member. He uses his influence as a former policeman to speak to his colleague (who is now a restaurant-owner) to allow Reuben and his daughter Milena to stay in a relationship. This leads to a misunderstanding and a countdown with revolvers. Reuben and Milena manage to escape and they leave the country which slides downhill towards nationalistic hysteria.


Directed by: Želimir Žilnik
Written by: Želimir Žilnik, Laszlo Vegel
Camera: Miodrag Milošević
Edited by: Dara Arsenov
Sound: Vladimir Stanojević

Cast: Reuben Oyeyle, Saša Delić, Vladimir Janković – Džet, Dušica Žegarac, Feodor Tapavički, Milena Đorđević

Production: TV Novi Sad