The Gastarbeiter Opera

Technical data
Serbian National Theatre, season 1976/1977 Veseli Teatar "Ben Akiba" – third stage Opening night, January 24, 1977
Photographs from the film

The Gastarbeiter opera is a “show with singing” in five scenes about a group of women from the Yugoslav province, who decided to go to work in Germany in the seventies of the previous century when around a million men and women from Yugoslavia went to work there “temporarily”. We follow the heroines in the situations when their lives change dramatically, from their work, the relationship they have with their superimposed, to cultural habits and languages.Younger heroines adapt, older ones are shocked and create conflicts.After some time the group decides to go back home. At the border, before entering her country the main heroine dies.


Playwrights: Želimir Žilnik i Peđa Vranešević
Playwrights: Želimir Žilnik

Music: Peđa Vranešević
Stage design: Nina Tarbuk Vranešević
Costume design: Mirjana Stojanović – Maurič
Scene coreography: Žarko Milenković

Cast: Zlata Đurišić, Mirjana Gardinovački, Renata Vigi, Danica Kuculović, Anđelija Vesnić-Vasiljević, Feodor-Feđa Tapavički, Slavoljub Kulišić