Paradise. An Imperialist Tragicomedy (Paradies. Eine imperialistische Tragikomödie)

Technical data
90 min, 16 mm, color
Photographs from the film

A multinational company owned by Mrs Judit Angst is facing financial difficulties: she decides to hire a group of young anarchists to fake her "kidnapping". After a couple of weeks spent in confinement she will be able to justify the downfall of her company before the people and at the same time to gain the status of the opponent to the destruction and chaos. A direct inspiration for the film was the fake kidnapping of Peter Lorenz, a right-wing politician from Berlin in the early seventies. Lorenz spent two weeks in "captivity" of the "Bewegung 2. Juni" terrorist group, and then he managed to escape and exploit the whole case for the benefit of his election campaign.


Written and directed by: Želimir Žilnik
Camera: Andrej Popović
Sound: Horst Schönberger
Edited by: Elisabeth Orlov
Music: Peđa Vranešević & Sparifankel
Production manager: Frank Thomas Aeckerle

Cast: Gisela Siebauer, Michael Straleck, Dan van Husen, Nataša Stanojević, Filiz Jakub, Akki Ahrens, Siegfried Broesecke, Johannes Zeh, Amelie Ohlbrecht, Cornelia Wimmer, Lilo Wegener, Thomas Henzen

Production: Alligator Film, Münich