The Second Generation

Technical data
90 min, 16mm (transfer to 35 mm), color
Photographs from the film
Photographs from shooting

After 11 years of living in Stuttgart, a fifteen-year-old Pavle Hromiš returns to his homeland, to his grandmother’s house in the village of Kucura, to continue his education in Yugoslavia. During the first week, the boy is confused with the new environment, different curriculum, people he does not know. After a row with his grandmother and a conflict with his classmates, Pavle runs away to Germany. However, his parents do not let him go to a German school again, because they are planning to return to Yugoslavia in a year or two. The old friends are now estranged, when they start teasing him because of the poverty and primitivism in his country, Pavle defends himself and starts seeing his previous experience in an altogether new light. He returns to Yugoslavia, to a boarding school in Novi Sad where he meets other children who share a similar destiny (returnees from Australia, Canada, Austria etc.). Although it seems that this is the end of Pavle’s troubles, pretty soon he has problems with his new girlfriend and clashes with the people who run the boarding school. His family is worried that he has lost control of his life. In such a situation, Pavle decides to change his life, not telling anyone he breaks up with his girlfriend and goes to the police academy. He becomes an exemplary student...


Directed by: Želimir Žilnik
Written by: Želimir Žilnik, Miroslav Mandić
Camera: Ljubomir Bečejski
Sound: Karoly Stanyo, Martin Jankov, Đorđe Krstić, Vladimir Stanojević
Edited by: Slobodan Jandrić
Music: Disciplina kičme, Azra, Obojeni program, Paraf, Katarina II, Xenia

Cast: Vladimir Sinko, Petar Bosančić, Dragan Sokoljanski, Sanja Zlatković, Danica Janković

Production: Art film 80, Belgrade, TV Novi Sad