Stumbling Sheep

Technical data
70 min, Beta video
Photographs from the film

A story about the excentrics from Vilovo village. Two women work as shepherdesses; their days pass by in the company of cows and sheep. Lives of two old bachelors, vegetable grower Sever and wicker maker Stevan are spent in hard work. The nature around them is picturesque and idyllic – the fields and gardens are green, the cattle graze peacefully, the vegetables grow, the fruit ripens. The four lonely people meet up and life seems nicer. But on the surface. Damjana, the shepherdess, tries to poison Sever, and old Stevan, excited by the presence of a young woman in his midst, confesses a sin that he has been hiding within his soul: long time ago, in the time of forced collectivisation he killed a man, a young communist activist who came to “inquire about his property”. He swung his axe and...


Written and directed by: Želimir Žilnik
Camera: Miodrag Milošević
Edited by: Dragan Jovetić

Cast: Damjana Černe, Dušanka Dakić, Stevan Pavlov, Sever Sazdanić

Production: TV Novi Sad