Uprising in Jazak

Technical data
18 min, 35 mm, black and white + color
Photographs from the film
Photographs from shooting

People from the Jazak village in Fruška Gora Mountain show how they fought undercover against the occupation forces during the WWII. They speak about the dramatic events – of how they helped to hide partisans and how young people joined partisan units in Bosnia. We listen to people’s recollections on the arrests, persecution and tortures. In the last quarter of the film, the participants speak about the events that took place in the autumn of 1944, when the village was liberated and when Russians passed through their area. They remember the joy and great expectations because of the oncoming freedom and socialism.


Written and directed by: Želimir Žilnik
Camera: Milivoje Milivojević
Edited by: Kaća Stojanović

Production: Panfilm, Pančevo