Pretty Women Walking Through the City

Technical data
100 min, 35mm, color

Belgrade 2041 is an abandoned and devastated city covered in garbage. A couple of old men live there: a former journalist with his daughter, an ex politician with his wife and a former policeman who guards a boarding house with eight girls. The old men bring up the girls in the spirit of the tradition of former Yugoslav nations, which is a risky business because the Southern Europe is being ravaged by the band which forbids any sort of remembering the past. The story starts at the moment when the former journalist and the remaining denizens start an action to revive Belgrade in order to mark one century of the peoples’- liberation fight of Yugoslavia in the Second World War.


Directed by: Želimir Žilnik
Written by: Želimir Žilnik, Miroslav Mandić
Camera: Ljubomir Bečejski
Edited by: Branko Neškov
Music: Dušan Kojić – Koja

Cast: Ljuba Tadić, Milena Dravić, Rahela Ferari, Rade Marković, Nikola Milić, Svetolik Nikačević, Ljubiša Ristić, Goran Marković, Tomislav Gotovac, Nataša Banović, Dragan Jovanović, Mia Begović, with Appearance of Vladimir Dedijer

Production: Art film, Belgrade
Co-producers: Zvezda film, Novi Sad, Croatia film, Zagreb, Forum, Sarajevo